Research team

catherine amiot

Catherine Amiot, Principal Investigator, is professor at the Department of Psychology at UQAM since July 2006. After completing her undergraduate and graduate studies in different Canadian universities, and more specifically McGill University (B.A., 1998), UQAM (M.Sc., 2001), and University of Ottawa (PhD., 2004), she conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Queensland, Australia (2004-2006). Her research interests are in social psychology, and more specifically, in the areas of self and identity, intergroup relations, and human motivation. Her current work aims to integrate different theoretical traditions in social psychology. Current research questions investigate:

  1. How do individuals integrate new identities over time?
  2. Through which processes do individuals rationalize and legitimize the harmful behaviours that are encouraged by the social groups they belong to?
  3. Is it possible to identify with social groups that are very broad and inclusive (e.g., human beings; non human animals)? Do these superordinate identities predict increased well-being?