Welcome to the Research Laboratory on Self and Identity – Laboratoire de recherche sur le soi et l’identité (LRSI), at the University of Québec in Montréal. Our research is composed of three axes. Axis 1 investigates the processes through which new social and personal identities become integrated over time and how this integration impacts on well-being, psychological health, and intergroup behaviours including discrimination and ingroup bias. These research questions are relevant given the growing number of changes taking place in our societies, which trigger the need to manage one’s diverse and potentially conflicting identities (e.g., one’s social and cultural identities). Axis 2 tests how identifying with some social groups may lead the members of these groups to internalize behaviours that are normative yet socially harmful (e.g., discrimination). This axis also aims to identify which social factors block the internalization of these harmful behaviours. Axis 3 investigates the factors that facilitate the development of very broad and inclusive social identities, and tests how these identities predict psychological well-being.

Catherine E. Amiot, Principal Investigator